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Version: 3.1
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!W+++$ N++>$ !o K–? w+$ !O M+>$ V? PS? PE? Y? PGP>$ t+>$ 5- X+++>$ R>$ tv+>$
b-? DI– D++(++)>++$ G e? h r+++ y+(+)>+

ROOL cvs checkout

I’ve had a few Emails recently about checking out the source for RISC OS from the ROOL CVS.
Here are the commands I used on a new Ubuntu installation to checkout the OMAP4Dev branch.

sudo apt-get install cvs
cvs login
(if prompted for a password, just press return, no password is required)
cvs co -d bin castle/Admin/bin
chmod 0777 -R bin
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/perl /bin/perl
./bin/checkout OMAP4Dev

To checkout different branches of the CVS, simply change the last line, the current available options are;
BCM2835 – Raspberry Pi (Stable)
BCM2835Dev – Raspberry Pi (Dev)
BCM2835Pico – Raspberry Pi (Pico Dev)
Disc – Harddisc components (Stable)
DiscDev – Harddisc components (Dev)
iMx6Dev – ARMX6 (Dev)
IOMDHAL – Risc PC/A7000 (Stable)
IOMDHALDev – Risc PC/A700 (Dev)
OMAP3 – Beagleboard (Stable)
OMAP3Dev – Beagleboard (Dev)
OMAP4 – Pandaboard (Stable)
OMAP4Dev – Pandaboard (Dev)
OMAP5Dev – OMAP5 (Dev)
PlingSystem – !System components for pre RISC OS 5
Titanium – Titanium (Stable)
TitaniumDev – Titanium (Dev)
Tungsten – Iyonix (Stable)
TungstenDev – Iyonix (Dev)

building RISC OS

This is a work in progress, and will be updated regularly.

Last Update: 16/04/2013
Document Version: 0.02

    Software Required

RISC OS 4 or higher, though I’ve had issues using RISC OS 6
!UnTarBZ2 –

    Build Instructions

1. Download RISC OS source code for chosen hardware – (Need Source Code Archives – Rebuilt Daily)

2. Make sure the !SetPaths application included with DDE tools has been ‘seen’ by the Filer

3. Extract the source code using !UnTarBZ2

4. Open the directory where the source code has been extracted

5. Open the folder name of platform. (OMAP3Dev, OMAP4Dev etc..) – This is referred to as the build directory.

6. Open the Prepare folder

7. Run the obey file !Run

8. In the task window, press ‘Y’ to answer each of the questions (3 Times)

9. !Builder should load automatically, menu click on !Builder and choose ‘register build tree’

10. Drag build directory into the window. (OMAP3Dev, OMAP4Dev etc..)

11. Click Save button

12. Select click on !Builder (On icon bar)

13. Ensure the correct build directory is selected (top option)

14. Select environment (ROOL.OMAP3, ROOL.OMAP4 etc..)

15. Select the build options – List, Clean, Clean all, Export headers, Export libraries, Export resources, make ROM, install ROM, Join ROM

16. Ensure Allignment Exceptions are turned OFF, and click the Build button

17. A task window is opened and the ROM image is built, takes approx 12 mins on PandaBoard-ES

18. Upon successful build a ROM image is placed in the Images folder.

19. Drink a beer 😀 (Or do this between 17 & 18!)


Add images
CVS Instructions
Youtube Video?
Document !UnTarBZ2 quirks (Random characters in filenames etc.)
DiscImage Building – Separate Guide?
Building with Allignment Exceptions turned on. (Chris Gransden’s Contributions)
Building on RISC OS 6

roms, roms & more roms

In an effort to keep up to date with the development over at, I’ve setup some downloads of RISC OS 5 that are built from the cvs sources.

The plan is to update these regularly, and make them available to everyone, as the RISC OS Open boys don’t have time to keep rebuilding ROMS.

Next step is to automate the build process, and have new ROM images every day!


beagleboard xm

I’ve just upgraded to a BeagleBoard xM, built a shiny new RISC OS ROM image, upgraded EtherUSB to enable the onboard NIC & I’m good to go!

Question is, can I be arsed to replace my !Boot sequence, there is something amiss in my current !Boot, as the machine complains that the machine startup was unsuccessful, however everything seems fine!

If I could just find the recently released NetTime module, I’d be all set…….

retro, retro, retro…

With the retro computer collection starting to bulge at the seams, I ask myself is it time to part with a few machines??

The latest addition is a Sinclair QL, recommended to me by my good friend vanpeebles & supplied by RWAP.
It has been a lurning curve, as it’s nothing like what I’m used to, everyone I’ve spoken to in the QL community seems friendly & willing to help out new users.

If anyone is interested in getting a Sinclair QL, I highly recommend talking to RWAP and stopping by on the QL Forums.

must be that time of year again!

Well here we are in January again, as I do every January, I decide to start blogging again!

As usual, since my last post waaay back last year, lots of things have changed!
The Arduino tinkering worked out very well & I created some wacky projects, sadly nothing that will make me millions of pounds!

My latest interest is the Beagle Board I’m currently running RISC OS Open on it. Over the past year RISC OS Open has become more & more usable on the Beagle, just yesterday the audio drivers were released, so now the Beagle barks!

Jake turned 3 back in October, and has just started nursery. Although he tells me that nursery is hard!
My lovely wife is fine & dandy yet currently addicted to the Sims 3.

And me?
Surrounded by technology with a coffee in my hand!