development makes jack a dull boy??

I have to say, the Debian team (Or should I say the GNU community!) have out done themselves, Debians latest offering is by far the most user friendly version i’ve used.

After using the latest testing release for about 5 hours last night, I’m now downloading the latest stable release (v4r3) to setup a LAMP server.

As for the title “development makes jack a dull boy??” per haps it should have read “development makes Linux more user friendly!”

time for debian?

Well I figure I must be time for my yearly encounter with Debian Linux, it seems every year I devote an afternoon to installing and working with Debian.

I’ve downloaded the weekly testing DVD set, now it’s time to fire it up on a virtual machine, and dive back into manually configuring hardware! Wohooooo!

/home storage & multimedia

Yet another day is upon us, and it’s another day to spend tinkering with Ubuntu on the eee!

After reading many a discussion on the eee user forums I decided to mount my 8GB SDHC card as my /home folder. This gives me more personal storage & saves disk writes to the internal SSD, As I already had Ubuntu installed, I followed this post here – Mount SDHC as /home

So far everything has worked perfectly, and i’ve had no umount problems that some users have encountered. All I can do is monitor it for the next few days, but so far… so good!!

The next thing I wanted to do was intall the Skype2 beta (With video support) and also install so multimedia codecs, There is a software repo setup just for this. Medibuntu, I simply followed the repository how-to and i was all set.

I installed the following packages;
acroread – Adobe Acrobate Reader
skype – Skype Internet Telephony
w32codecs – Video & Audio codecs, such as windows media
non-free-codecs – Not too sure whats in this one, but figured it couldn’t hurt!!

For a full list of available packages from Medibuntu have a look at their packages page available here – Medibuntu packages

new blog… new platform… new laptop!

Welcome to my new blog, i’ll be posting my experiences with my latest gadget, an Asus EEE.

I’ve recently purchased an EEE701 4GB model in black, i’ve upgraded the RAM to 2GB from the stock 512MB. I used a stick of 2GB Kingston DDR2 667mhz SODIMM, and also purchased a Kingston Class6 8GB SDHC memory card.

After upgrading the RAM, the first thing I did was remove the default Xandros based distro and installed a copy of Ubuntu 7.10.

So far the following sites have guided me along my way;
Ubuntu EEE Help Page
EEE User Forum

As i find more useful sites and tidbits of info, i’ll post them here.