development makes jack a dull boy??

I have to say, the Debian team (Or should I say the GNU community!) have out done themselves, Debians latest offering is by far the most user friendly version i’ve used.

After using the latest testing release for about 5 hours last night, I’m now downloading the latest stable release (v4r3) to setup a LAMP server.

As for the title “development makes jack a dull boy??” per haps it should have read “development makes Linux more user friendly!”

time for debian?

Well I figure I must be time for my yearly encounter with Debian Linux, it seems every year I devote an afternoon to installing and working with Debian.

I’ve downloaded the weekly testing DVD set, now it’s time to fire it up on a virtual machine, and dive back into manually configuring hardware! Wohooooo!

always always check the bios!

I’m sure this will tickle someone out there, after weeks of messing with the webcam on me eee on Ubuntu, i found it was disabled in the BIOS!!!!

Once i enabled it, Skype picked it up straight away!
I have to say, i certainly don’t remember disabling it, but hey ho it works!

(If anyone else has problems with the webcam, you also need to disable “desktop effects”

Now, what else can i play with…….