iPhone OS 3.0

Okay, so no sign of my Arduino board, but I did upgrade to the recently released iPhone OS 3.0, so far everything is fine, and I took the opportunity to change all the music of my phone.

Also my Arduino Ethernet shield & LCD shield arrived!
If only I had something to plug them into…….

no sign of toys

Hopefully my Arduino kit will be dispatched tomorrow, been doing a lot of reading and I have a few ideas for projects. Youtube also seems to offer a wealth of information. (I always thought Youtube was for videos of farts and other horridness!)

I did secretly hope I would come home and it would be waiting for me today, even though the website says it won’t be dispatched until tomorrow!!!! Although I did come home and found me xxxx beer kit waiting for me!

sucker for toys…

Yes I know It’s been all quiet on the blogging front for quite some time!

Many things have changed, new house, new phone, new laptop, new toys galore….

My latest toy is an Arduino board. I first discovered them almost two and a half years ago. (According to my bookmarks on Del.ico.us) However I never ventured any further than just reading about them.
Then after a recent MSN conversation with my good friend Dave, I decided it was time!

I’ll post some more info on this, once the board arrives, should be a few days away though, as it’s a new revision of the Arduino board, and nowhere has stock.

Stay Tuned!….