must be that time of year again!

Well here we are in January again, as I do every January, I decide to start blogging again!

As usual, since my last post waaay back last year, lots of things have changed!
The Arduino tinkering worked out very well & I created some wacky projects, sadly nothing that will make me millions of pounds!

My latest interest is the Beagle Board I’m currently running RISC OS Open on it. Over the past year RISC OS Open has become more & more usable on the Beagle, just yesterday the audio drivers were released, so now the Beagle barks!

Jake turned 3 back in October, and has just started nursery. Although he tells me that nursery is hard!
My lovely wife is fine & dandy yet currently addicted to the Sims 3.

And me?
Surrounded by technology with a coffee in my hand!

1 thought on “must be that time of year again!

  1. Jan 2012 nearly here! I reckon my son’s in the same school year as yours (currently Reception). Would be intersting to compare their use of technology – mine’s only made one RISC OS show so far but recently is loving Draw and BeebIt (ASK’s Podd) as well as my wife’s iPhone! Cheers 🙂

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