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Yet another day is upon us, and it’s another day to spend tinkering with Ubuntu on the eee!

After reading many a discussion on the eee user forums I decided to mount my 8GB SDHC card as my /home folder. This gives me more personal storage & saves disk writes to the internal SSD, As I already had Ubuntu installed, I followed this post here – Mount SDHC as /home

So far everything has worked perfectly, and i’ve had no umount problems that some users have encountered. All I can do is monitor it for the next few days, but so far… so good!!

The next thing I wanted to do was intall the Skype2 beta (With video support) and also install so multimedia codecs, There is a software repo setup just for this. Medibuntu, I simply followed the repository how-to and i was all set.

I installed the following packages;
acroread – Adobe Acrobate Reader
skype – Skype Internet Telephony
w32codecs – Video & Audio codecs, such as windows media
non-free-codecs – Not too sure whats in this one, but figured it couldn’t hurt!!

For a full list of available packages from Medibuntu have a look at their packages page available here – Medibuntu packages

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