Vista Service Pack 1

Today I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Windows Vista Service Pack1 via my MSDN subscription. So after a 25 minute download, I fired up the installer, and was greeted by a screen welcoming me to the service pack. After a few simple clicks, the installer stared and told me that the process could take an hour or so.

So I waited……..

Then waited some more…..


Almost two hours pass with a total of 3 reboots, (This machine isn’t a terrible machine either, AMD dualcore 4800 with 2gb RAM, running Windows Vista Business x64)

However post service pack install, everything is running smoothly, and I have to say I’m impressed, the random drive writes have stopped, plus the nagging security warning on the rdp client can finally be turned off!


Lets see how Vista performs over a working day…………..

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